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F*ck it's good stuff

One week in and my skin is visibly better. I suspect witchcraft.

Happy Dad

My Dad has dry, rough, damaged Aussie skin from working outside. I got him the mr confident set. I didn’t think he would actually use it but he not only commented how easy it was he also said his skin felt and looked much healthier. I’ve just ordered him another daily moisturiser. Thank you Feliksco

Bare Basics Duo
Jessika A.
Converted and so happy

Bought the bare basics trio for my husband and used the cleanser when mine ran out. WOW! I’m converted to full time feliks now even if it is targeted at men! The cleanser thoroughly cleaned my skin and I didn’t have to double clean! It’s also cleared up the blackheads around my nose. Very happy

Loving it

My skin is quite rugged from the Aussie sun. I could just feel my skin drinking these products. So easy. Smells good and not overpowering at all. Super easy and I’ve actually noticed a changed in the appearance overall!

5 stars!

Pump bottle quick and easily dispense the right amount without mess.
Light weight formula doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or heavy.

5 stars!

Great product, easy to dispense and apply. Unscented and doesn't dry my skin out.

We are hooked

It’s never too late to look after your skin. Feliksco was bought for my husband, but we are both hooked on this skincare regime. The bottles pump out the perfect amount and leaves your skin feeling amazing.

Mr Confidence Gift Set
Christopher R.
Great Quality No-fuss Skincare

I've been using the products from the Mr Confidence set for around a month and am loving the non-greasy feel and subtle fragrance of the moisturiser. The exfoliator definitely feels less like sandpaper while still getting the job done.
I even rate the satisfying 'click' of the tops on the packaging, showing the well thought out quality of these products.

Can’t stop won’t stop

From the quality packaging, precision pump amount and product itself, this is my new go to!! Used every night in the shower it actually cleanses properly! Not many face cleanses do this thoroughly but for once I don’t need to double cleanse! Scent is great too.I honestly cannot fault Feliks cleansers and moisturiser. Won’t be long and I’ll be placing my next order.

Satisfied customer

Great products and delivered in a timely manner.
I highly recommend this product range.
Thank you

Great products

I’ve got quite sensitive skin and am a bit fussy about the texture of products I use on my face.
All three products do their job well and leave me feeling fresh and properly clean. They don’t irritatate my skin at all (which exfoliating in particular can do). The moisturiser is awesome - it has SPF, feels light to put on and leaves my skin feeling good - other ones Ive tried with SPF have left me feeling sticky or oily which I hate.
Will definitely buy again.


I got the Mr Confidence box set for my partner. The cleanser does a really thorough job, the exfoliator leaves skin clear and uncongested and the SPF moisturiser absorbs easily and doesn’t sting the eyes. It does all the stuff it says it’ll do. It’s a good simple routine that is easy to understand and stick to. Oh and it comes in a cool wooden box - looks really great as a gift. Will definitely order again.

The perfect gift set!

Any guy would just love to receive this set as a present! Wether it’s a birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas whatever you cannot go wrong getting this one!

All the products are just the best, leaves your skin feeling super!

Particularly like how the moisturiser has SPF in it already which helps with the sunny days in Melbourne

New daily essential

This product has made it easy and enjoyable to consistently use a daily moisturizer (and to also apply a little SPF)!

Great Skincare and an easy routine!

Have been using the trio for a couple of weeks now and I am so impressed at how easy it is to incorporate the three products into my daily routine. It’s the first time I’ve found it easy to consistently use skincare and all the products smell amazing, are really simple to use, and my skin is feeling great.

Game changer

This product is wildly effective!! As someone with sensitive skin, I generally stay away from exfoliators as they’re too harsh. However, I was so impressed by the way this gave me the same deep cleansing benefits yet didn’t irritate my skin at all. It’s not “gritty” like normal exfoliators, yet my skin is still bright and refreshed after using it. 11/10 👏

Gentle yet thorough

This cleaner is so effective at leaving your skin feel SO clean however I’m not left with that awful dry/tight feeling!!

Perfectly Balanced

This moisturiser leaves your skin feeling hydrated but not oily/heavy. Doesn’t have a strong scent too which is appreciated for the sensitive types like mine. Just the perfect daily moisturiser :)

New favourite brand

I work outdoors and this cleanser literally melts the filth and sunscreen right off!

New favourite brand

I received this as a gift from my partner and I can't get enough of these products! I have dry/sensitive skin and never found a brand that doesn't irritate my skin until now. How amazing! The Moisturiser really does feel invisible. Can't smell it, can't feel it 🙌

Seeing Results

Excellent product that applies easily and makes a real difference to the feel and appearance of my skin.

It's crazy to see all the dead skin come off!!!

Love it!

First time Exfoliator

This has been my first time exfoliating. I typically have dry skin around my eyes and forehead.
1. The viscosity and texture of the charcoal exfoliator is somewhat refreshing.
2. The results are very quick with a pleasant and noticable difference.
3. There is no noticable odour or fragrance.
4. From a male perspective this product is very empowering in a self pride and presentation stand point.