We're All About Confidence

Performing at your best takes hard work, dedication and determination. And that’s a lot to ask for when there’s a million and one things to do. So when it comes to how you look we’ve done the hard work for you. You can be confident that at least your skin is always performing, no matter what’s happening. The rest is up to you.

  • Our Mission

    To help men gain both inner and outer facing confidence by educating them on the importance of looking after their skin and the positive wellbeing effects that come from that. We create that future through education on skincare, open conversation, well researched products and acceptance of everyone’s differences.

  • Our Purpose

    We exist to make every person feel confident and happy both in their skin, and talking about it.

  • Our Vision

    We want to create a world where everyone can feel happy and confident in their own skin, how they treat it and how they talk about it, by removing the stigma behind men using cosmetics and skincare.

Our Values

Striving for better

We’re always trying to be the best we can be. Whether that’s by providing exemplary customer service, or refining our products to constantly improve them, we will strive to always deliver what’s best for our customers.

Constant learning

We believe that knowledge is power. We make an effort to constantly try and improve ourselves through education, in order to benefit both our company and the wider community.


We’re for all men, no matter who you are. We believe that caring for your body and skin should not be associated by your gender, sexuality or beliefs, but rather be common practice for everyone. Our products are priced at the lowest we can manufacture them, allowing everyone to access cutting edge skincare at an affordable price.


We believe that supporting both people and the planet leads to general betterment of society. Although only a skincare company we will always provide support where we can, whether it’s using eco-friendly packaging to support our environment, or supporting the community by giving back. Our goal is to always spread happiness and confidence where we can.