Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship outside of Australia

We do! We ship to New Zealand, Canada and the United States. If your from another country and want to get your hands on our products, drop us a note.

Where are your products made?

Our research labs and production line is in Busan, South Korea.

Why Korea?

South Korea (Republic of Korea) is ahead of the pack when it comes to skincare research and innovation, particularly when it comes to cutting edge ingredients.

We focus on simplicity and effectiveness by making skincare as simple as washing your hair yet so effective your work mates will be asking why you look so good.

(according to several customers, this has actually happened)

Where are you based?

We based in Melbourne, Australia. Our production line and research centre is in Busan, South Korea.

Can women use your products?

Our mission is to normalise the use of skincare for men, but that doesn't mean our products are only for men. In fact quite a few of our regular customers are women.

What skin types are your products suitable for?

We're all about simplicity which is why our products have been developed for all skin types. As always, please check the ingredients list if you have any allergies or reactions.

Do your products contain any nasties?

Negative rubber duckie. No parabens, palm oil or other baddies.

Can I stock your products in my store?

We'd love to see our products in your store! Check out our wholesale page for more info.

Who are the people behind Feliks?

Ash and George are the co-founders behind Feliks. You can read more about us and our story over here

We haven't done this alone though so a huge shout-out to Rebecca, Ruth, Sammy and Cat who work behind the scenes to bring our vision to life.