How it's made

How Feliks Products Are Made

In a world illuminated by beauty and self-care, skincare has the remarkable power to transform not only appearances but also lives. This blog covers our journey of taking our passion for men's skincare from the vibrant streets of Korea to the sun-kissed shores of Australia.


Every journey begins with a spark of inspiration. Ours started with understanding why guys tend not to talk about skincare. We set out to find answers to our questions and no matter where we looked, we landed on one main reason as to why. Education. Generally speaking, guys haven’t been taught the importance of skincare or how living your normal life can damage your skin if it's not properly cared for. With this, we began our journey into devoting a product to not only provide the best skincare for men but to also educate men on the importance of skincare and to normalise male skincare. 
We devoted a lot of time to researching the male skincare market and this is where we found an opportunity - education, simplicity and quality. We knew we had to source and create a product that was undoubtedly a market leader so we went to the country that is known for producing the highest quality skincare products - The Republic of Korea. Korea has gained a reputation for creating the world's best skincare products. 
As your vision takes shape, you navigate the labyrinth of regulations in both Korea and Australia. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea and the watchful eyes of the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia become your guiding stars, ensuring your products are both safe and effective. This process involves a lot of research, being on hold with various departments and a lot of youtube videos. 
Once that is done, it's time to find the artisans who will breathe life into your products. Finding the right partner is crucial. You need to look for a partner that shares the same values, has high quality facilities and will work with your constraints as a start-up. We did not hesitate to spend some time in this process. After all, these skilled artisans are responsible to turn your dreams into tangible realities, meticulously crafting each product to perfection.
Packaging transforms into an artistic canvas, where design takes on the role of a skilled brush. Beyond being simple receptacles, your products transcend into conduits of immersive experiences. Every label, font selection, and colour palette that graces your packaging serves as a narrative, intricately weaving a tale that deeply connects with your Australian clientele. Your packaging isn't just an outer shell; it's a medium through which your brand's essence harmonises with the aspirations of your Australian audience. With this was born the name Feliks and the brand that comes with it.
After six months of research, development and testing, the moment arrived – our inaugural batch of samples arrived in Australia, ready for meticulous human testing. This marks the juncture where quality assumes the role of an unwavering companion on your journey. Every aspect is subjected to rigorous testing and thoughtful refinement. Through exhaustive stability trials, you ascertain that your products not only meet but exceed expectations, demonstrating their resilience against the passage of time. This steadfast commitment to achieving excellence stands as a testament to your dedication. It's this dedication that guarantees your creations resonate with the same self-assuredness that the people utilising them embody.
Here we are, standing at the starting line, about to see if our hard work paid off or if we just made the world's most elaborate paperweight. In the next few months, we're launching the thing we've been teasing, promising, and probably losing sleep over. Our goal? Simple: making sure every dude out there knows that skincare isn’t just for superheroes or, you know, people with skin. We want to educate and, honestly, make it a little less weird for guys to talk about exfoliants. Because, healthy skin isn’t a 'girl thing’.
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